Amazing Boulder Opal

Boulder Opals: Queensland's Natural Masterpiece

             When you think of precious stones, diamonds, and rubies might be the first to spring to mind, but were you aware of the captivating charm of a Boulder Opal? It is a fascinating and exceptional gemstone that can be crafted into stunning pieces, we at the Brisbane Opal Museum love seeing boulder opal set in gold jewellery. 

Now, you might be wondering what makes a Boulder Opal so special. Well, each Boulder Opal is like a mini work of art, with its striking play of vibrant colours changing as you shift your sight, mirroring a rainbow confined in a piece of rock!

This remarkable gemstone hails from Queensland, Australia, specifically from a rugged area called an 'opal country’. Opal miners extract the Boulder Opal from ironstone boulders underground, a task that requires patience and precision.

What sets it apart from other types of opals is how it is formed. Boulder Opals exist when veins of opal fill the crevices within these ironstone boulders (over millions of years). The result is delightful: opal scenic patterns with earthy ironstone in the background!

This makes Boulder Opal the strongest and most stable of all the different opal types. The lines of precious opal are embedded into the ironstone matrix, providing it with a natural backing, unlike other opal variations, which are typically more delicate. 

Boulder Opal Pendant

You must have heard of the term 'matrix', right? While it might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, it refers to where the ironstone and opal are mixed together. 

The dark-brown ironstone creates a unique and varying background for the different opal patterns, making any piece of boulder opal jewellery a definite one-off.

Before you go out to buy a boulder opal or boulder opal jewellery, remember: love at first sight truly happens here! No two Boulder Opals are the same. Each stone's pattern, colour, shape and size make it a one of its kind, just like a snowflake.

Consider boulder opal gold jewellery, too! The main reason we set boulder opals with gold is because, just like a painting, it needs to go in the correct frame. A quality opal needs to get in a quality from when it comes to jewellery this means gold. This combination makes the opal's colours radiate even more stunningly. 

At the end of the day, whether you're a seasoned gem enthusiast or just exploring for the first time, we are here to help you find the perfect opal. No stone is too 'rocky' when you have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable assistant by your side!

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